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    Very nice work to get a community forum back up and running mate.

    I have been for the last week trying (with limited success)  to contact some of the old squadrons to see who still has active members.o I have been doing this because over at 450 we think this new Team Fusion patch might be the right time to try and get a online Australian community restarted.

    At the moment when I log on to Cliffs through the week or on weekends during our prime time gaming hours (8.30+ eastern) I am lucky to find 8 to 10 players online. I know it is better during the mornings when the US and Europe play, but at the moment it looks like the game is deserted if you come on of an evening.

    I have been kicking it around for a week or so, and believe if we can get all the remnants of all the existing squadrons and let them know which nights to turn up we might get some decent games going. I then believe if we get some decent games going and get the word out, then we might be able to get some new blood into the squadrons.

    Anyway it is just the broadest strokes of an idea I have been playing with.

    Any comment or ideas most welcome,


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    SC/JG Matoni

    ~S Steg,

    There is renewed interest with the release of the Fusion MOD within the squad, my ‘guess’ is that we will be up and flying again within a couple of weeks as we get everyone up and running.

    Traditionally we have flown Tues & Thurs nights at 2030hrs, this may change I’m not sure what the squad will do at this stage.

    I guess the next thing will be flying on mass so as to attract new membership for Australian Squads, SCG has held onto most of our guys from the SCW days, hopefully that will tranfer into guys in the sky.

    Our TS3 Server IP is 

    I think a few of us will be on Thurs Night, please swing by.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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